Paper Potential

•September 20, 2012 • Leave a Comment

This is what I’ve been doing this afternoon. A little bit of paper cutting.

Diamonds and swirls.




•September 19, 2012 • Leave a Comment

I recently finished this brochure, promoting a really nice wedding venue.
I enjoyed it, it was more of a challenge than I first thought, getting the imagery and tone just right, making it seem bespoke and special, but at the same time appealing to everyone, was quite tricky! I got to do some illustration too, which is always nice! Looking forward to seeing it printed.. Here are a few spreads-


Food Festival

•August 29, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Today I have mostly been paid to draw food, which is nice. But it’s making me hungryyy!



•August 13, 2012 • 1 Comment

My first signs went up last week! It’s good to finally see them on the wall instead of my computer screen..

My Pretty Workplace

•July 27, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Another sunny day! It’s pretty where I work, so thought I’d share it with the world before the sun goes away again… And there’s a bit of design work too..


Afternoon Tea

•July 26, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Such a nice day at work yesterday.. I got to draw teapots and cakes and polkadots.. Shame there was no tasting involved, might suggest it, for market research purposes!

St Mary’s Priory

•July 16, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Last week I finished my first project at my new job, it’s a site map and information sign for a heritage site in Abergavenny. They’re  being printed onto aluminium sheets and I’m sooo excited to see them finished!! I’ll put another pic up once they’re delivered and hung up outside.